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A strong, motivated team that provides excellent and consistent dental restorations that exceeds our client’s expectations. We do this by our commitment to continuing education and our technical innovation.

Everyone claims to produce a quality product these days. At Alpha, we think that it goes much further than that. We are Creative, Artistic, Innovative, Efficient, and Consistent. We believe in a total philosophy that strives for perfection and sustains quality on a daily basis. After all, we are emulating nature’s work of art one smile at a time!

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industry leading

industry leading

We utilize the latest in dental appliance technologies, providing our clients with the best products for their patients. CLICK to view our products.

competitive pricing

competitive pricing

Alpha offers competitive pricing for all of our products. Check out our starter page HERE!

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Our staff is available and ready to assist you in any way possible. Our lines of communication are always open so that when questions arise, as they inevitably do, the focus can be on what’s important – your patient getting more than expected.

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remake policy

We have a “no-fault” remake policy. Meaning, we do not want to have to figure out “who is to blame”. There are no charges for remakes. There is one exception, if we believe the case will fail, and we are asked to still proceed, we will not warranty the case.

committed to life long learning

Committed to Life-Long Learning

Continuing education is a priority at Alpha Dental Ceramics. We have attended courses with Dr. Frank Spear, Dr David Hornbrook, Dr Bill Dickerson, Dr Gerard Chiche, and Dr Mike Miyazaki. For advanced esthetic lab techniques, we seek hands-on instruction with leading experts including Matt Roberts (PAC-Live), Jurgen Seeger (LVI) and Lee Culp.

In our training facility, we have a Director of Training and Education, he ensures that each of our technicians has the advanced skill set needed to create natural, consistent, state-of-the-art results. This facility also doubles as our learning center, we can host lectures and hands-on programs for dentists, dental auxiliaries, and our staff.

Client Testimonials


You would be hard-pressed to find a more qualified team of dental ceramic technicians in Houston than Mike’s team at Alpha Dental Ceramics. Highly recommended by my local dentist I stopped in for a routine shading prior to building me a new porcelain crown to replace an old veneer. Mike’s customer service was only exceed by his knowledge and insight in his specialized dental craft. If you are a local Houston dentist looking to take your cosmetic dentistry straight to the top, then give Mike a call. I’m sure he’d be happy to demonstrate exactly how he achieves such high quality implants, crowns and veneers.

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