Learning & Education

Alpha Dental Ceramics is committed to continuing education. Education is the basis for all improvement and advancement. Technology is changing rapidly. We believe that one must keep up or be left behind. We also feel that we can be an important resource for Dental professionals wanting to keep informed on the ever-changing technology.

We would like to see each of our team members receive a minimum of ten continuing education hours per year. We like to see our team members advance through our on-site video and DVD library and advanced training and verification systems. Additionally, there are always off-site continuing education opportunities available.

At Alpha Dental, we strive to develop an atmosphere of continual improvement, no matter how small the increments. W. Edwards Deming said it “Kaisen,” a cornerstone of continuous improvements. We strive to eliminate waste that adds cost without adding value. We teach the individual skills for working effectively in small groups. We teach problem solving, collecting and analyzing data, documenting and improving processes. These philosophies push decision making down to the individual and thus lets them have a say in further strides for perfection and sustains our quality on a daily basis.


Here at Alpha Dental, we work hard in a casual, professional atmosphere. However, we like to keep it relaxed. After all, we are still desire to have a little fun at work.

We will want to know a lot about you and would expect a full resume. Salary is commensurate with your ability. We expect to train, so do not be afraid to apply.

If you think you would like to apply to work with us, we offer:

  • Clean, modern facility
  • Pleasant people & atmosphere
  • Continuing education
  • Training
  • Benefits
  • And more
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