Custom Abutments

IPS -Max Press

The Atlantis Abutment in titanium is indicated for cement and screw retained restorations and milled from a solid, biocompatible titanium alloy blank.

Gold Hue Titanium

This Atlantis abutment in gold-shaded titanium is milled from a solid titanium alloy blank, (Grade 5) and coated with a thin coating of titanium nitride (TiN). The gold shade allows for improved aesthetics over a standard titanium abutment.


Milled from a solid blank for consistency in the natural-tooth-like color, these all-zirconia engineered abutments provide strength and natural aesthetics. Zirconia abutments are ideal for anterior restorations requiring exceptional cosmetic results. All zirconia abutments are backed by a 5 year warranty.

Ti Base w/ Zirconia Crown

Ti Base w/ Zirconia Crown castable abutments are ideal for screw retained PFM restorations requiring maximum strength such as posterior bridges. UCLA abutments are available for all implant types and sizes.

Angulated Screw Channel

The angulated screw channel (ASC) provides the option to place the screw access hole anywhere between 0° to 25° in a 360° radius. This means you can now restore almost any situation with a screw-retained restoration and remove known risks associated with excess cement.

Encode Titanium Abutment

The Encode titanium abutment provides optimized solutions to clinicians by eliminating the need for implant level impressions, which streamlines the treatment process for the surgeon, restorative clinician and laboratory. In addition, patients have a better experience and a beautiful aesthetic outcome.

Overdenture / Hybrid

Fixed Hybrid Denture

This treatment, usually involving four or more implants, is ideal for edentolous patients desiring a permanent solution that provides natural life-like function and aesthetics. Utilizing advanced technology and experience, Pan-Am is able to design and fabricate remarkable custom prosthetics to meet the needs of the most demanding patients. These restorations are screw-retained and can be reinforced with a structural titanium bar.

Removable Hybrid

Utilizing two or more implants, a Removable Hybrid Denture is an ideal solution for fully or partially edentulous patients seeking a high functioning, cost effective solution. These hybrid dentures are retained by a series of clips or attachment systems such as the increasingly popular Zest Locator system and are easily removed by the patient for cleaning. Removable Hybrid Dentures can be fabricated with or without a structural titanium bar.

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