Standard Dentures

Relying on years of experience, quality materials, and a time-proven fabrication process, Pan-Am is able to provide reliable consistency in its dentures. Standard Dentures, whether immediate or permanent, are processed with Lucitone Acrylic and teeth from the industries leading brands. Dentures can be processed in one stage or in multiple steps and are available in all Lucitone Acrylic shades to meet the needs of any patient.

Advanced Premium

Premium Dentures utilize select five-layer Ivoclar teeth and enhanced acrylic characterization to create a more natural smile. Combining choice materials and exceptional workmanship the Pan-Am Premium Denture provides the superior quality doctors and patients expect.

Precision Attachments

A precision attachment denture is a kind of RPD that contains precision attachment(s) to lock the denture onto the natural teeth. Precision attachment dentures are made up of two components. The ‘male’ part is fixed to the natural teeth and the corresponding ‘female’ section is incorporated into the denture.

Framework Options


As the name implies, these are partial dentures which have a cast metal framework supporting denture acrylic and teeth. These partials are mainly tooth supported and retained and are therefore extremely stable. The metal framework is cast extremely thin and therefore much less noticeable than the acrylic framework partials.


Vitallium is the premium choice for partial denture metal frameworks. Vitallium is a nickel-free and beryllium-free alloy that provides delicate precision cast clasps and a highly polished metal surface for patient
comfort and satisfaction.

Duracetal (Metal Free)

Duracetal while similar in design to metal framework options, is made from an esthetic tooth-colored acetal resin and has several clinical indications.

Metal Free Partials


Acrylic Partial Dentures are a cost-effective, easily adjustable option for many indications. Acrylic Partials can be used as a temporary after an extraction or traumatic incident or as a more affordable long term solution. We offer a variety of Acrylic Partial designs ranging from a single tooth flipper, to a full arch prosthetic with wrought wire clasps.


Dentists are prescribing Valplast Flexible Partials because it makes a better, stronger appliance faster. The strong, flexible nature of Valplast is perfectly suited to the variety of natural conditions in the mouth, simplifying design and enabling the flexible nylon resin to act as a built in stress breaker in order to provide superior function and stress distribution in a removable partial denture.

TCS Flexible

In comparison to acrylic partials, TCS Flexible partial dentures are lightweight, more comfortable and practically invisible. They offer the perfect degree of flexibility, providing maximum retention, stability and aesthetic appeal. They are also the easiest flexible partials to adjust in-office. These advantages make TCS Flexible one of the finest solutions in partial denture treatment available today.


Ideal for patients with few remaing teeth, Cu-Sil is a tissue-bearing appliance featuring a soft elastomeric gasket which clasps the neck of each natural tooth, sealing out food and fluids. Cusil helps prevent tooth loss and improves the prognosis of loose, mobile, isolated, elongated or periodontally involved abutments by eliminating wear, stress and torque.


Duracetal is an acetal tooth-colored resin used to fabricate a comfortable aesthetic framework. It is less flexible than a traditional flexible partial but not as rigid as metal which provides more comfort to the patient. Duracetal is offered in all VITA shades, is more biocompatible than metals and is monomer free so patients with allergies can trust that there will be no reaction.


For cases where a traditional partial is not ideal Pan-Am offers a selection of removable unilateral partial denture options. Unilateral Partials are generally indicated for patients missing one to three teeth on one side of the arch. These partials are minimaly invasive, easy to insert and remove, and more comfortable than bilateral alternatives. Unilateral partials are also great solutions following single tooth extractions or implant placement. While these prosthetics can be fabricated in any of our partial denture materials flexible Valplast and tooth-colored Durcetal remain most popular among dentists and patients.

Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile is a patented, easy and painless way to obtain a beautiful smile. It fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile—even if you have stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth. Snap-On Smiles have many indications from last minute cosmetic solutions for special events to occlusion alterations prior to full arch reconstruction to a simple cost-effective solution for day-to-day wear. Snap-On Smiles can be fabricated in full or partial arch designs and are available in the full range of VITA shades.

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